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Online Courses

* Our courses are teacher-led, with regular tests, discussion forums and certificate.

* The dependence of the courses is illustrated in the diagram below. So for the Advanced Diploma you need to do either TTC and CAL or INT, DIP and CAL.

* The set of courses is self-contained (so only a basic knowledge of arithmetic is required) and except for TTC there is no overlap of material.

* Please note Vedic Mathematics is a complete holistic system - even if you think you know the basics you are strongly advised to start with the Introductory Course. Or, if you might be teaching Vedic Maths and have some teaching experience start with the Teacher Training Course.

* Links to the courses are below.

VM Online courses diagram

Astronomy (AST): 8 lessons - 3 week course
Next course starts: You can join this course any time - just click on the link below for details
See details, enrolment, etc.

Introductory Course (IVM): 6 lessons - 1 week course
Course starts on 1st of every month.
See details, enrolment, free course link etc.

Diploma Course (DIP): 30 lessons - 6 week course
Next course 13th November 2017
See details, enrolment, etc.

Calculus Course (CAL): 18 lessons - 4 week course
Next course starts: 30th April 2018.
See details, enrolment etc.

Teacher Training Course (TTC) - 36 lessons - 9 week course
Next course starts 29th January 2018
See details, enrolment etc.

Powers, Roots, Equations (PRE): 12 videos
Course is available for free here
See details.

Advanced Diploma Course (ADV): 21 lessons - 5 week course
Next course starts 9th April 2018
See details, enrolment, etc.

Applied Maths Course (APP): 10 lessons - 3 week course
Next course starts: 4th June 2018
See details, enrolment etc.

Any queries can be sent to academy@vedicmaths.org