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The Crowning Gem -
Powers, Roots, Equations Course

The course is run by the Vedic Mathematics Academy.

Description: This online course shows one Vedic Master-Formula (Vertically and Crosswise pattern) to find powers and roots of numbers (and polynomial expressions) and solution of quadratic, cubic and higher order equations.

12 video lessons with one test per lesson.
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Course participants need only have a basic knowledge of algebra. There are no other prerequisites for joining the course, but knowledge of straight division and use of Duplexes to find squares and square roots is beneficial.

Course created and conducted by Kenneth Williams.

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Course Content:
SECTION 1: The Duplex and Beyond
1 The Duplex, 2 Obtaining the Coefficients, 3 The Triplex and Beyond

SECTION 2: Powers
4 The Crowning Gem, 5 Powers from Both Ends, 6 Fourth, Fifth Powers and Beyond

SECTION 3: Roots
7 Cube Root, Square Root, 8 Fourth, Fifth Roots and Beyond, 9 Roots of Polynomials,

SECTION 4: polynomial equations
10 Quadratic Equations, 11 Cubic Equations and Beyond, 12 Change of Roots