Powers, Roots, Equations Course Testimonials

Pietro Nolasco
I go nuts over these techniques! I really did not expect it to be so simple!
Kuldeep Singh, Mumbai
Magical methods to find Roots of Polynomials. Easy and amazing.

David Robinson, Maths teacher, USA

I very much enjoyed the course and learned a great deal. If I had known this material in the 60's or early 70's it would have been very useful. These methods are great for higher order equations.
Gabrielle Wellington-Spurr, UK
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you on preparing and presenting another excellent, thoroughly enjoyable course.
Srinivas Akella
Great lessons.  Can't wait for next week !  
Dhaval Jadhav
I just finished the 3 lessons and the quizzes for this week. I especially enjoyed the last lesson. I like the way we can modify an equation to get the desired roots. I learnt a lot in these past 4 weeks.
Klaas Zwerver, university lecturer, The Netherlands
It's great to experience how the system works, despite of making a lot of mistakes doing the exercises. Nevertheless I really like what I am doing while becoming more and more familiar with it.