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Trigonometry Course - A TRILLION TRIANGLES

Description: This course develops Trigonometry in a very simple and natural way. Participants can view the book "A Trillion Triangles" and study it along with video lessons. A plan is provided showing how this works in detail.

You can join this course any time.

Enrolling in the course you have:
- a trainer to answer questions,
- regular tests,
- discussion forums,
- a certificate for those who pass.

Course start: Shortly to be announced.

Mode: 100 % Online.
9 Video Lessons (plus 7 optional ones - see list at the bottom of this page) with online Tests and Forum discussion.
Self paced: watch videos each week at any time that suits you. Lessons are 20 minutes long on average. Each week has a test and there are additional exercises in the videos.
Enrol and study from any part of the globe.
No prerequisites - anyone can join.

Course created and delivered by Kenneth Williams.

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Course Content

Week 1 (1 video):
Pythagoras' theorem
Triples, triple notation etc.
Triple addition
Quadrant angles
Rotations with triples

Week 2 (2 videos):
Triple subtraction
Angle between 2 lines
Distance of a Point from a Line
Manipulating square roots
Double angle
Triple Geometry
Special angles
Half angle

Week 3 (4 videos):
Solution of triangles
Triangles–finding a side
Triangles–finding an angle

Week 4 (2 videos):
Compound angles
Inverse functions
Trig. proofs
Trig. equations
Trig. Equations–a special type