Trigonometry Course Testimonials

Nacho Ruiz - Barbera del Valles, Barcelona, Spain The course is very well structured and allows to obtain a deep knowledge of the Vedic Trigonometry. I recommend the course to all teachers looking for a new way of teach Maths and Trigonometry, a easy, funny and simple way. A great course to learn a new way of teaching Trigonometry to young students. An easy and natural way.
Muthuselvi Prabhu - Chennai, India
Lessons are very well explained, clear and easily understandable by anyone who has interest in Mathematics. The different approach of trigonometry, which is direct, easy and more logic really help to improve our Math knowledge and help to think in multi-dimension.
Mangesh Nadkarni - Nashik,Maharashtra,India This topic is a vast topic. Prima faci content looks difficult But in the videos the topics are explained in easy way. Addtionally Trillian triangle book is available for reference & Practice tests are also quite helpful which built up my confidence.Videos are simple to understand. Compared to traditional methods of solving trignometric sums Vedic maths methods are simple & faster this is well explained in the course.

Gita Mooliyil - Dubai UAE

An excellent course that helps you learn about the use of Vedic math principles in trigonometry.
Hildegard Bomheuer - Hellenhahn / Germany
The overall "simplicity" in dealing with right-angled triangles is joy giving and fascinating. Finding easy to understand solutions for all kind of questions around right-angled triangles can bring a lot of fun to this subject of geometry.
Saideepa Dhage - Bedford Greatest course ever !! wasn't sure how much you could teach me., still referring to the amazing course hand outs. Plus the topic's covered everything mentioned in the course. It was very impressive new techniques and this is not my first course I have completed 2 other courses previously. I like Ken way of teaching he is slow every word is clear that even kids can understand.