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Calculus Course

The course is run by in conjunction with the Vedic Mathematics Academy.

Description: This course takes an unusual approach to the subject and develops Calculus in a very simple and natural way. Only a knowledge of simple graphs, gradients and basic algebra is required (so children could take this course*). Note: the last four lessons are not especially Vedic - they are there to prepare the student for parts of later courses (the Advanced Diploma and Applied Maths courses).

Enrolling in the course (cost $45) you have:
- a trainer to answer questions,
- regular tests,
- discussion forums,
- a certificate for those who pass.

Course start: 13th April 2020 - 4 weeks
Mode: 100 % Online.
18 Video Lessons with online Tests and Forum discussions.
Self paced: watch 4 or 5 videos each week at any time that suits you. Lessons are 20 minutes long on average. Each lesson/video has a test at the end.
Enrol and study from any part of the globe.
No prerequisites - anyone can join.
Cost: $45.
Course created and delivered by Kenneth Williams.

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* Note there are different paths through the course (see more details):

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Course Content:
1 Growth and Limits,
2 Gradient of a Secant,
3 Gradient of a Tangent,
4 Optimisation,
5 Cubics and Beyond,
6 Negative Powers,
7 Fractional Powers,
8 Ratio of Gradients,
9 Area Under a Parabola,
10 Ratio of Areas,
11 Integration,
12 Integration and Area,
13 Motion,
14 Differential Equations,
15 Functions,
16 Function of a Function,
17 Products and Quotients,
18 The Exponential Function.