Calculus Course Testimonials

Nathan Annenberg
Math Coach - USA
A truly empowering experience. One caveat. VM is so powerful that I personally have to go back to previous lessons to totally retrace the steps needed to arrive at such elegance. i.e. I need to be prepared to explain to other educators exactly how these amazing methods were arrived at.
David Robinson
Math teacher (retired) - Canada

I agree Nathan. This is much easier. The use of "ratio of gradients" alone can save hours of work by "traditional methods".

You should be congratulated on an extremely well organized, innovative course.

Richard Blum
Actuary and Vedic Math teacher - USA

This was a wonderful class and I enjoyed it thoroughly. VM never ceases to amaze me in that some method or procedure that I have used for 45 years can be approached in a much simpler manner. It's almost like "where have you been hiding all of my life?"
Ric Johnsen
Businessman - Canada
Another brilliant course. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It's wonderful to see how the vertical crosswise sutra is used throughout the various branches of mathematics. Also, your book on the Art of Calculus was a great resource. Look forward to future courses.
Virgilio Ylagan Prudente
Head of School - Philippines
I was simply amazed as to how simple you came up with the formula for the derivatives and areas under the curves. I didn't remember Calculus as simple as this when I took it shortly after Nica was born. I sought out my old Calculus textbook and confirmed that their explanation on finding the derivative - the slope of the tangent line is too much complicated as compared to your methods using the gradient (slope) of the secant and tangent lines.
Manoj Talwar
IT professional - London
This was an amazing introduction to the topic of Integration. I remember that in school, when Integration was introduced for the first time, it was described as the sum of areas of bars whose width tends to zero. That was like making learning unnecessarily difficult.
 Mohnish Puvathingal - Mumbai, India
 A great course to introduce the concept of limits and derivatives in an intuitive manner rather than storming ahead with the mathematical acrobatics of getting the answers, which is how calculus is usually taught. Though have studied the subject in high school and in engineering but thoroughly enjoyed the alternative ways to thinking introduced. Wish I had learnt it this way the first time.
Frank Marzano - maths Professor at Edinboro University, USA
I've actually taught calculus several times. I enrolled in this course, not to learn calculus, but rather to explore different ways of teaching it. On this score, it was a great success.
Vilasiny Narasiah Safaeian - Fort Defiance, USA
This Calculus course has completely changed my long-held belief that Calculus is difficult. It has given me new and potent tools to take on Calculus! The course itself is fantastic in terms of the trainer, feedback, support and content/knowledge provided.
Arya Ahluwalia - High school student, USA
I just finished the last quiz of this course and I would like to say a huge thank you to Ken for putting together these amazing videos!! It is true that no one can explain tricky concepts and make them sound as easy as Professor Ken does.
Arya Ahluwalia - High school student, USA Karan said this course makes him remember his high school days but I am still IN high school haha so this course has definitely helped me a lot by giving me an introduction to calculus. Just a few weeks ago I was afraid of the difficult Y12 maths syllabus but these Vedic Maths Courses really help me to become familiar with topics and learn simple methods which I can use during exams so now I am excited to see these topics come up in school.