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Description: Application of Vedic Mathematics in some applied maths topics. Since these are applications of Triples, an introduction to Triples is included in the course. Please note that since some basic calculus methods are used in the lessons on Projectiles and Simple Harmonic Motion, some notes will be supplied on elementary calculus for those who need them.

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Course created and conducted by Kenneth Williams.

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Course Content:
Introduction to triples (2 lessons)
  These explain the simple triples notation and method, used in most of this course.

Work and Moment (1 lesson)
  How to easily find work and moments and their surprising connection through triples. 3-dimensional systems also included.

Triple Geometry (1 lesson)
  Double angle and half angle triples, and triple geometry

Projectiles (3 lessons)
  How projectile motion can be modelled with triples: distance, velocity and acceleration triples.
  Integrating and differentiating triples, time of flight, range, greatest height etc.

Forces in Equilibrium (1 lesson)
  Using triples to easily find forces, with various examples.

Simple Harmonic Motion (2 lessons)
  Modelling SHM very simply with triples - no need to use the formulae usually associated with this subject.

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