Applied Maths Course Testimonials

Pankaj Dhar, software engineer, India
Excellent! Powerful and unified method. I find the triple way of solving problems astounding!It has lot of applications to engineering problems and also simplifying mathematical problems. My hats off to sri ken williams for being inspired and bringing such new insights to us.
Ram Wow, what a way to solve SHM problems. Has off to you Sir. ​These lessons  have shown us a new dimension of Triples. ​Thank you once again.

Dorothea Gilbert, student, Norway

The application of triples to solve problems related to motion (projectiles, simple harmonic motion) is straight forward. Calculations, which normally are much more complex, can be performed easily and without the need of trig functions. Considering the small time frame of only 3 weeks, it is certainly wise to keep the topics covered so limited. Overall, I had a great learning experience.
Brian Page, USA
The unifying effect of the Vedic method for triples and quadruples applied to different problems and dimensions really helps to show how much more readily useful the Vedic methods are than the conventional methods. It also reminds me that, for the ancients, all science was about understanding our place in the cosmos (micro/macrocosm) and that all is one (unity). So it makes sense that a single method would/could be used to account for all things.
Kaushank Khandwala, software engineer/product manager, India Very good course- explained with simplicity and ease.