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Advanced Diploma Course

The course is run by in conjunction with the Vedic Mathematics Academy.

Description: This
5-week course follows on from the Diploma Course or Teacher Training Course and covers more advanced topics (see below).

You can enrol in the next course (cost $95) in which you have:
- a trainer to answer questions,
- regular tests,
- discussion forums
- a certificate for those who pass.

Next course starts: 8th November 2021 - 5 week course.
Mode: 100 % Online - Self paced - Enrol and study from any part of the globe. No prerequisites - anyone can join. 21 Video Lessons with online Tests and Forum discussions.
Cost: $95.
Course created and conducted by Kenneth Williams.

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CLICK HERE to complete the online application. Do not enrol unless you have passed the Teacher Training or Diploma Course.

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Course Content:
Week 1
1. Product of Three Numbers, Binomials
Numbers near a Base, General method for Three Numbers, Product of Binomials

2. Cubing, Cube Root
Cubing – near a Base, Cubing and Beyond, Cubing Binomials, Cube Rt

3. Recurring Decimals

4. Division – Part 1
Flag Division, dividing with 9s

Week 2
5. Division – Part 2
Base division’ Proportion – Direct and Inverse, Comparing Prices

6. Divisibility– Part 1

7. Divisibility– Part 2
Divisibility (right to left, left to right), Creating a Number Divisible by Given Number, Divisibility puzzles

8. Algebraic division
Two methods, dividing the remainder, series expansions.

Week 3
9. Algebraic square root - to any number of terms

10. Factorisation
Factorising – quadratics (incl 2 and 3 variables), cubics, etc., evaluating polynomials

11. Solution of equations
Simultaneous, special

12. Calculus methods - Part 1
Quadratic equations, partial fractions, derivatives of products and quotients

13. Calculus methods - Part 2
Trig functions, series expansions, integration by ‘parts’ etc.

Week 4
14. Triple Geometry
Double and Half angle triple, geometry

15. Transformations
Rotations of points, lines & curves, reflections

16. Coordinate geometry
Linear interpolation, distance of a point from a line, perp bisector

17. Trigonometry – Part 1
Compound angles, inverse functions

Week 5
18. Trigonometry – Part 2
Trig proofs, trig equations.

19. Triple Code Numbers
Grouping and Generating Triples

20. Code Numbers and Angles
Solution of Trig. Equations

21. Complex numbers
Multiplication, division, square root