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Diploma Course

Description: This 5-week course follows on from the 13-lesson Introductory Course developing that material and extending to other areas of mathematics. Do not enrol for this course unless you have completed our Introductory course first. Note, if you wish to do the Teacher Training Course at some point do not take this course as this material is mainly contained there.

You can enrol in the next course in which you have:
- a trainer to answer questions,
- regular tests,
- discussion forums
- a certificate for those who pass.

You can join this course any time.
Mode: 100 % Online - Self paced - Enrol and study from any part of the globe. No prerequisites - anyone can join. 23 Video Lessons with online Tests and Forum discussions.
Course created and conducted by Kenneth Williams.

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Course Content:
Week 1
13. General multiplication and reversing it. Algebraic multiplication and its reverse (this is a repeat/review lesson from the Introductory course).
14. Multiplying numbers near 100. Proofs.
15. Using Proportion to extend base multiplication. Multiplying near base 10, and multiples of 10.
16. Use of transposition in solving word puzzles. Solving equations. Combining/comparing fractions.

Week 2
17. Special and general methods in the Vedic system. Some special multiplication devices.
18. Dividing by 9, 8, 11 etc., Algebraic division
19. The Sutras. Calculating areas. Temperature conversions. Spotting the obvious
20. Bar Numbers. Converting. Use in the 4 operations. A special case
21. General multiplication. Extending the Vertically and Crosswise method

Week 3
22. Squares and roots. Squaring 2-figure numbers and binomials, Square root of a perfect square.
23. Triples. Triple notation and addition, Rotations with triples.
24. General squaring The duplex. Squaring numbers of any size, Algebraic squaring.
25. Straight division. How to choose your remainder, Decimalizing the remainder.
26. Extending straight division to 3-figure divisors. Negative flag digits, Changing the numbers. Two figures or more on the flag

Week 4
27. Multiplying numbers near high bases. Squaring near a base, Multiplying numbers near different bases.
28. Equation of a line through two given points. Equation of a line through a given point and parallel or perpendicular to a given line.
29. Finding square roots of numbers – the general method.
30. Solving quadratic equations by two methods. Comparison of some Vedic and conventional methods.
31. Recurring decimals, from left to right and from right to left.

Week 5
32. An easy kind of multiplication and special numbers. Their application in making recurring decimals easier.
33. Divisibility, the osculation process.
34. Triple subtraction and applications.
35. Calculating from left to right.
36. Combining calculations from the left. Sanskrit and pi

Conclusion video