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Course 9
Astronomy Course

Description: An introduction to Astronomy in 8 lessons.

After a tour of the Solar System and beyond, students will be introduced to the various celestial circles and some terminology.
Students will be required to make their own Planet Finder which is a set of 3 circles that are slotted together in a certain way (full instructions and templates provided).

Students are shown how to predict the positions of the planets, Sun and Moon and place markers for them on the Finder. Then how to orient the Finder to show the actual direction of the planets, Sun, Moon, Galaxy and Galactic centre at any time (for any observer).

- 100% online, and self-paced:
the course is always open and anyone can join
- Courses are available world-wide
- Prior knowledge of Vedic Mathematics is not required
- 8 video lessons

- A trainer is available to answer questions
- Regular tests and discussion forum
- A certificate for those who pass

Course created by Kenneth Williams.

Prices: these depend on country so you will need to register at the Math2Shine link below to see this.
There are options for enroling for 2, 6 or 12 months.

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Course Content:
Part 1    The Solar System and Terminology
    1. Description of the Solar System etc.
    2. The Celestial Sphere and the Planet Finder

Part 2    Approximate Location the Planets etc.
    3. Conjunctions: The Sun & Moon
    4. Inferior Planets: Locating Mercury and Venus
    5. Superior Planets: Locating Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Part 3    Improving Planet Positions
    6. Some trigonometry (just a bit!)
    7. Inferior Planets
    8. Superior Planets